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Do my Dubsado Canned Emails Update Automatically in Workflows?

As a Certified Dubsado Specialist I get asked this question a lot. Do my Dubsado canned emails update automatically in workflows? And the short answer is no. There are a few places however where the canned emails do update automatically (whether they are in workflows or not), but for the most part, this will need to be a manual step.

I like to think of the workflows in Dubsado as a copy and paste of the original email. The canned emails under templates in your account are the main templates, but when added to a workflow it uses them as a copy. It can be very daunting when you update a canned email and you have to remember to update the workflow.

I am here today to show you how to do that and where you don’t need to do that. When setting up your account getting your emails created first will save a lot of headaches later on down the road!

Places where canned emails DO update automatically (whether it is in a workflow or not)

  • Scheduler confirmation email

  • Scheduler reminder emails

  • Payment plan reminder emails

Everything else will need to be updated manually. Read on to learn how to update your emails in a workflow.

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How to Update Your Canned Emails in a Workflow:

  1. Write or update all of the canned emails you will need at one time under templates, canned emails. Pro Tip: I like to label them in the order they will be used starting with 001., then 002. This will put them at the top of the canned emails. They are automatically organized by alphabetical order so I find this easier. I put a letter next like 001a. and 001b. if there are two possibilities at the same step like you are available or not available for a wedding.

2. From your main dashboard go to templates, and then workflows.

3. Click on the workflow where the email exists that you need to update. Click on the settings button.

4. Then click edit on the step where the email needs to be updated. Remember, it may be inside of a send form or send scheduler action in the workflow. In the example below I had edited the email that is sending with the form.

5. Click on the drop down and reapply the same email. Then click apply.

So, there you have it. While it is not ideal to have to update emails in two places it is easy to do and doesn’t take too long.

I recommend doing all of your emails at once. Read through them and check for spelling errors and make sure you have all the smart fields in place. Then, go in and add your emails to workflows or update them all at one time,

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