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What Should I Write in An Engagement Session Blog Post?

If you are a wedding photographer you definitely want to share your engagement sessions on your blog! Just sharing photos on your blog is doing NOTHING for your marketing.

However, you sit down to write a blog post, but what should you actually write about in an engagement session blog post?

It certainly does not need to be long! A 300-word post is still great for SEO and gives your future clients a glimpse into what it is like to work with you! Here are my tips for what to include in your engagement session blog post! Here are my best tips.

Describe the Location of The Engagement Session

The location of the engagement session is the most important factor for search engine optimization. This will most likely be your keyword so that other couples can find you. The keyword should be in your heading and H2 or H3 headings,

For example, if you love shooting engagement sessions at the Boston Public Garden your title may be - Summer Engagement Session In the Boston Public Garden.

You can also describe what the location is like for people who have never been there! Be sure to describe how you worked together to select the location of the session, especially if you guided the couple on where to take their photos!

Introduce the Couple

When writing a blog post about your engagement session, you’ll want to introduce the couple and their personalities. Try to think of an adjective or two that describes the two together. For example, adventurous, bubbly, adorable, etc.

I recommend using only first names when writing about your clients. I usually introduce them in the first sentence of the post. This can help keep things consistent with future posts when referring back to this one for reference purposes later on down the line.

Remember, don’t put their names in the title of the post. This is not searchable on Google and will not help your work be found by others interested in booking a session with you!

At the end of the post, you can mention what time of year their wedding will take place and how excited you are to be capturing such an important day.

Share a Memorable Moment

During your engagement session, you're going to be spending a lot of time with your couple. You'll get to know them and their relationship a little better before their wedding. This is a great opportunity for you to share a few personal stories (or some behind the scenes) about how things unfolded during their shoot. Did they bring their pup along? What were your favorite photos? Did something funny happen? If the couple was nervous mention how you helped them relax in front of the camera!

A few other things that would be fun/interesting for future couples are:

  • Anything relatable or notable that happened during their session

  • Any funny or cute side details from before or after shots

Benefits of Doing an Engagement Session

When writing an engagement session post, it is a great time to sneak is sentence or two describing the benefits of booking an engagement session. Educate your couples on why this is an important thing to do.

Teach your couples about how they can use the photos after the fact (their wedding website, Save the Dates, at their shower, or creating a guest book.) Most importantly though it helps them get used to taking photos before their big day! It gives you a chance to get to know what poses work well for them.

Discuss The Couples Outfit Choices

A great way to lengthen a blog post is by discussing the couple's outfit choices. Did they use different color palettes for each outfit, or did they choose similar colors? If so, why? What about their accessories and hairstyles?

Remember you are writing for future couples. They come to your page to see examples of your work and all of this is new to them! Inspire them and educate them on what outfits work best for their session.


Your blog posts need to have a minimum of 300 words to truly be effective on Google. I know it doesn’t seem like there is a lot to say about an engagement session, but using these tips can give you a few paragraphs in no time!

Need help managing your blog? Outsource it! Check out my services page to learn more.


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