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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Blog Post as a Wedding Photographer

If you are a wedding photographer reading this post I know blogging always falls to the bottom of your to-do list! You are busy with 100 tasks and blogging seems like the least important. However, I can tell you consistently blogging is one of the best things you can do for your business!

Your blog is a great way for couples to find you organically on Google. I want to teach you how to craft a blog post as a wedding photographer that is not only SEO-friendly, but interesting to read. Once a couple has booked a venue and date, their next stop is usually the photographer. We want to showcase your work at those venues and locations you love to work at and use your blog to answer the questions they are asking!

In this blog post, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a blog post that resonates with your ideal audience and boosts your online visibility.

Let’s Break it Down…

Picking The Right Keywords

Just so we are on the same page, I am going to teach you how to write a wedding recap blog, also known as a portfolio piece. Other types of blog content would be known as an education, or evergreen post that would be slightly different.

To start, selecting a keyword phrase that is venue, location, or season-based is the key to creating a searchable blog post. For example, "Mountain Top Inn” or “Vermont Winter Wedding" are targeted keyword phrases that can help you reach couples planning a winter wedding at this specific venue or in that area.

Incorporate keywords strategically throughout your blog post by putting them in the title, the headings, the meta description, and the first sentence. It should appear 3-4 times in the post (as described above), but not more than that! That would be known as keyword stuffing.

You have to write something!

Lots of wedding photographers just put images up on their blog posts. While that seems like a good way to share your work, it’s not helping anyone find you! To follow SEO best practices, you need to write a minimum of 300 words.

Try to aim for a word count of 300-500 words to provide valuable information to your readers without overwhelming them. Use H2 headings to break up your content into digestible sections and make it easy for visitors to navigate your post.

Don’t overthink the post! Share a little backstory about the couple and just tell the story of the day. Share insights, tips, and things you loved about the day that showcase your expertise as a wedding photographer. We want future couples to see themselves in these stories!

Selecting and Renaming Your Images

I know you have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos to share from a single wedding. Sharing too many images though slows down your website and overwhelms the reader. Select your top 30-50 that are truly your best work and show the story of the day.

Renaming your images is a step most photographers forget! Use your chosen keyword phrase in the name of each image. They can all be the same name! Do this before you upload them to your site. I like to use Storytailor to rename my images and arrange them how I would like them to be in a gallery.

Once they are uploaded to your blog post, don’t forget to add alt tags that describe each image accurately. This will enhance your blog post's SEO by providing search engines with more context about the content of your images. You should include your keyword phrase in some of your images, but not all,

Don’t forget the Meta Description

Ensuring your blog post has a meta description is one of the most important things for SEO. The meta description should provide a concise summary of your post's content while incorporating relevant keywords that your ideal audience is likely to search for.

Promoting Your Blog Post

Once your blog post is live, promote it! Don’t just share it once! Use it as your core content across your social media channels, email newsletter, and other marketing platforms to reach a wider audience. Encourage your couples to share the post with their friends. They will LOVE seeing these posts! Pinterest is an amazing place to share your work once you are consistently blogging!

In Conclusion

Writing a blog post as a wedding photographer requires consistent effort, strategic keyword selection, and engaging content creation. Following this step-by-step guide, you can create blog posts that attract couples who have already booked their venue and date, positioning yourself as a go-to photographer for their special day!

Looking for more? Download my Blogging 101 Workshop From Clicks to Clients where I teach you how to write an amazing blog post as a wedding photographer! Click the button below to access my blogging workshop. I show you EXACTLY how I write these posts for my clients.

You will walk away feeling confident your blog posts will help you book your ideal clients & be found online!


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